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Get personalised routines that help make it easier to meet your flexibility goals!

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Why Choose Adri?

Adri's Teaching Style Is Unique

Adri is a yoga and flexibility teacher, and a self proclaimed obsessive anatomy geek!

For over 13 years, Adri has been teaching movement, while continuously researching and studying anatomy to keep her teaching up to date.

Adri is a qualified yoga teacher and physical trainer/sports coach with a focus on physiology and anatomy. Her main passion is flexibility, and she firmly believe that conscious, organic movement is a pathway to an optimal life.


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Yoga And Movement

Movement being the key word! A creative and flowy class that challenges perceived limits of your body, while respecting your own rhythm. Work toward building your skills and safely overcome your bodies challenges. Focusing on growing strength, balance, flexibility and awareness.
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Flexibility Coaching

Develop a strong flexibility, a wider range of motion and increase your bodies capacity to bend and move! Whether you’re already super bendy, feeling really stiff or some combo of both; you’ll learn drills and specific exercises to increase that strong flexibility! Flexibility coaching is recommended for 1-on-1 or small groups as this means much more teacher attention to boost your progress and prevent injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Since the groups are small (up to 4 people), everyone gets to work on their particular goals. You'll get different assists, drills and cues, depending on your unique strengths and challenges. Students are also encouraged to ask! Questions, modifications, specific shapes, or anything your body feels like on the day!

100% YES! Flexibility is a matter of developing from where you are at NOW, as are strength, balance and mobility. These are all components of a better, more organic movement. Wherever you are at with your body, we'll work from there.

Never! You have to take into account the state of your body as you start and progress regardless of age. If you have had injuries, if you haven't been moving much, or only moved in a certain way for many years. But the human body is a wonderful, resilient, juicy machine! You give it good movement, it will give you growth and surprise you with the things it can do.. at any age!

In the past 5 years I’ve pushed my body to do incredible things like aerials and rock climbing. This brought me to appreciate stretching more than anything else. Unfortunately most yoga classes leave me feeling unsatisfied. I’m glad I found Adri, her small classes are all I need to keep my strength and flexibility. She’s extremely knowledgeable, gives your body full attention and sets amazing goals for you. She goes as far as giving you home exercises tailored to your specific needs – injury recovery or conditioning. Her classes are a mix of yoga, conditioning and working toward unimaginable poses made easy under her guidance. I feel like I can completely trust her with my body. Not to mention she’s really fun! Could not recommend her hard enough!

Patrycja Hannagan

Adri is so incredibly knowledgeable (with the degrees to boot!). I have always felt that I am in the absolute best hands in her classes. She is so thorough and kind, she really works with you and gives her all into her practice and it shows. She tailors every class to the individuals and has such a great understanding of how bodies work and move. I couldn’t be more grateful for her expertise as she has improved the way I fell AND think in such positive ways! I would recommend her to everyone, she is an absolute gem.

Caitlin Trillo

This is not your standard yoga/stretching! Adri showed me I am much more flexible than I had been told in other classes and helped me work through muscular (and mental) obstacles holding me back. Her classes are also perfect if you work a stationary job like I do to unwind and release tension from your body – I cannot recommend more highly!

Alastair Hall

Adri is more than your average yoga teacher – she has an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and movement that she uses to tailor her practice to my individual needs. She has really helped me manage my hypermobility to build strength and flexibility in a way I didn’t think possible. Best of all, Adri is super kind and patient, and has always made me feel comfortable learning with her! I wholeheartedly recommend Adri to everyone!

Michelle Mog

I’ve been taking Adri’s classes for over a year, and honestly can’t imagine my week without that stretchy session! I’ve never consistantly stuck to a yoga class before, but I find it incredibly easy with Adri because she is so thourough, funny, and thoughtful in her teaching. I’m constantly impressed with the limits I’ve been able to push with my own body thanks to Adri’s specific guidance.

Rebecca Denno

Hands down the best stretching/yoga sessions around! Adri has a great understanding of movement, technique and anatomy. She uses a perfect combo of flexibility and strengthening exercises and I can really feel the difference in my body and see noticeable progression with every class!

Phil Humphreys

Adri’s Classes are filled with positive energy, thoughtful movement and educated advice. She is a natural teacher and genuinely cares about her students making progress and embracing a love of movement!

Ulani Powell

Adri’s everything a fantastic teacher should be. Patient, encouraging and super knowledgeable. She is so passionate about what she does, which comes across in her infectious energy and enthusiasm. As a total beginner to yoga, Adri immediately put me at ease and helped me not only learn more about how my body moves but also being in it and seeing what it can do!

Tom Hall

Adri has helped me so much with recovery from injuries in my hip and shoulder as well as helping me manage my scoliosis. She is so dedicated and always puts her clients first. I’ve been working with Adri to build strength and work on my alignment and am so so so happy with the progress I’ve had under her training. I highly recommended her if you’re looking for a caring, nurturing, no BS kind of teacher.

Jess Dodd